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Image by Rubén Bagüés

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Our members section will be at the core of our stores mission. Connecting with the world is what brought me to start High End Modz. Since I launched this project, the hype has been thriving and has quickly gained a loyal following. People are talking and anticipating our devices and items. Our selection of devices and accessories will all be considered high end items. They will be exquisite and expensive, However you can also have the option to have your device pre set for you, to where all you have to do is add your juice when you receive it. You will also be able to have your device cleaned and serviced as well.


HIGH END MODZ MEMBERS will have a chance to win high end modz, that are listed in the store, and will be notified what modz has a chance to be won by a banner over the item. You could also win e-juice, coils, accessories, and much more  

Not only that we will deliver the same day if purchased locally with in our delivery zone, no waiting for your item to be delivered by mail if you live in Uniontown. 

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