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      a HIGH END MODZ  MEMBERSHIPS WILL Get     you the up close and     personal treatment!


Every one wants a new, clean, fresh, looking device their collection. When you become a High End Modz Member, You will get that opportunity. At HEM we 

 are making it possible for the entire vaping community. The average vaper, all of the vape noobs, the vape VETS alike, to maintain a clean, healthy, new looking, fresh device and atomiser.

This includes all of the Vaping devices and atomizers out there on the market today, not including disposables. It can be a coil, or a coiled device, a wick, tank, RDA, RTA, RDTA, AIO DOT, BORO, BB, BF RDAs, RBAs, Squonks, etc etc. If you become a high end member, and join our monthly program we will send you a 25% off coupon for any store item, and you will receive a 25% off coupon once per month for the lifetime of your membership. You will also receive a free vaping set up, for what ever device you purchase from our store. Meaning all you have to do is add juice and it will be ready to use. Please email us and let us know, if you want us to send your device wicked and ready to go. If you do not specify you want this service, it will be sent and you will have to wick your device. Not only will we do all of this, but we will again provide and maintain, the maintenance for you. As if all that's not enough, you will receive a free bottle of our house brand e-juice (6MG or 3MG 100ML 3.3 fluid oz) as a member. ALL of these services and options you can receive an enjoy for $125 a month. While being a member  you can post and leave comments on our mobile app. Not only that you will have a direct line of communication with me, and my staff, through the mobile app. We will also pay for postage from you to us. YOU can make special requests on items, that you would like to have. Once we have the item you requested, we will notify you ASAP of it being in stock. Thank you for your dedicated time, attention, and thoughts.   

Shawn Ryeczek owner / founder High end Modz.

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