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About Us
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About Us


   High End Modz is my very own passion project filled with unique and engaging content. Here at High End Modz we are offering our members things that no other business is offering ANYWHERE in the US. As you view our INVENTORY be sure to READ THE ENTIRE DESCRIPTION of what you are purchasing. Our CUSTOMIZATIONS, MODIFICATIONS, and or ACCESSORIES, may be INCLUDED with a purchase saving you money in the long run. PLEASE RESEARCH YOUR ITEMS EXTENSIVELY TO COMPARE PRICES. For our customers who do not or are not willing to pay high end prices, for high end items, we have you covered as well. For you guys we also include a Replicated section. We understand that many customers may not want to pay the high price of an authentic item. We will continue to give our customer base the best of both worlds as long as the demand remains

Since we’ve started this project, the hype has been growing, thriving, and rapidly gaining an audience, Our package deals and services is what sets us apart from any other store on the market SEE ALL THE DETAILS IN OUR MEMBERS SECTION. This is where we are focusing our attention and performance. We want the average Vaper to be able to Vape and experience, the best mods and devices. To accomplish this in the vaping industry, it takes MAINTENANCE, not only that, it takes time cleaning your device. (SEE members section for details).

As we are growing please be patient with our products and videos. We will make every attempt to get our items listed as fast as possible for you to purchase and view. Thank you for your time, thoughts, anticipation and dedication with High End Modz.

Shawn Ryeczek owner / founder High End Modz 

Vape Supplies

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